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Stockton, Utah (population 567) Town Council, June 11, 2001 (L to R): Angie Harrison, Barry Thomas (Mayor), Claudia Baker
(#9705/8-9) 2001, Archival pigmented inkjet on canvas with varnish, 24X66 inches

June 11, 2001

Regular Meeting 7:05 p.m.

This meeting of the Stockton Town Council was called to order by Mayor Barry Thomas. Those present were:


Barry Thomas


Claudia Baker

Council Member

Angie Harrison

Council Member

Curt Morris


Ellen Montague


Also present were Paul Shambro, Don West, Anna Prawl, Judy Thomas, June & Don Lewis, Jerry Mills, David Wright, Richard Stockdale, Steve Palmer and Ed Mcaulley.



The minutes were reviewed and Claudia Baker made a motion to accept them, Angie Harrison seconded and the motion carried with all in favor

The bills were reviewed and Claudia Baker made a motion to approve them, Angie Harrison seconded and the motion carried with all in favor.

There were no purchase order requests.



James Parker went over this May report with the board. There were 28 cases filed and 22 cases disposed of. There are 128 open citations - 36 are current cites; 24 are on payment plan; 8 have had Failure to Appear charges added and 60 have gone to warrant. $1825.83 was collected in fines and of that $243.65 was sent to the State for their surcharge.


James Parker reported his department had 28 cites and went out on 15 details, which he listed for the Board.


Dana Allred couldn't be here but left a report for the Board and copies were given to those present. Barry Thomas went over the agenda for Stockton days. It is our 100 anniversary of incorporation this year. Claudia Baker asked about also honoring our veterans.


Mayor Thomas reported Tooele Commission voted 2-1 against the gravel pit going in at the sandbar. There is a committee trying to see what can be done to keep this sandbar intact permanently. Anna Prawl suggested we send a thank you to the Commissioners who voted against this.


Judy Thomas turned in a grant for United Way today and asked for a street lighting upgrade. She put in for two grants for the DUP museum for $3000 and $4000. She requested a computer for the $3000 grant and the other one is for remodeling the museum. The bid for the remodel was $7000 and the grant is a dollar for dollar match. The DUP will be doing some fund raisers and Mrs. Thomas said will also apply for a CDBG grant to help with our share.

The CDBG cemetery grant has had no problem so far. Mrs. Thomas will be meeting with the Historical Society tomorrow.

Counter Point's preconstruction start date is 7-2-01 and they should be finished 180 days later.

Ward Engineering is getting dollars amounts on the Fire Department bays combined with the maintenance building and putting in for grant for both. This will also include an evidence room for the police.

Don West said the matching funds grant from the State has been sent in and he should hear from them soon. He didn't get this grant last year so he should qualify this year.

Mrs. Thomas sent a letter to the Seabees requesting help with sewer but hasn't heard back from them yet.


Ed Maculley showed the board the latest plan for widening west Silver Ave. He sent this to Nate Brockbank but hasn't heard back from he yet. The contractor wants to start this week. Mr. Maculley asked the Board to approve this even though he hasn't had a response from Mr. Brockbank. David Wright said he has money in his budget to finish paving that street to the railroad tracks. Mr. Brockbank will do from Connor to Sherman for his portion of the project.

Curt Morris said the project doesn't have to go out for bid if it is under $24,000. This project will cost a total of about $14,000 with Nate's share and the Town's share about evenly split. Mr. Wright wants to put a culvert. Mr. Maculley recommended if the bid seems reasonable we let the work start right away. Angie Harrison moved to go with project as long as it is under $24,000 including the culvert across the road, Claudia Baker seconded and the motion carried with all in favor.

Ed Mcaulley said the filter system we designed has been redesigned by Steve Palmer and Mr. Palmer told about the new design. The Tekleen filters in the new design may give a life time filter where the ones currently in our plans are a 1 year warranty. Water has been sent in for analysis for this system to see what size filters will be required. They will have plans for the alternate filter this week. This will be about $40,000 less than the original design.

Barry Thomas explained about the two types of filters and their sizes. Mr. Palmer said the current design is a multi-media filter (sand and cement) and it is a large diameter filter. The alternate filter is long and thin and requires a smaller building. Both filters will backwash for cleaning but the small one takes less water. The new design has a lifetime warranty because there is no medium, it uses small diameter stainless steel screens to filter. Both systems are good systems and both are currently in use around the State. The real treatment of our water will still be done in the slow sand filter system this will just help that system work faster. There will be a catch basin to catch the backwash water. Backwash water is wasted and the current plan would use 4000 gallons whereas the new design would use 1000 gallons. Mayor Thomas asked for motion on what to do with this project. Richard Stockdale is 100% for the small filters. Claudia Baker motioned to go with the smaller filter system, Angie Harrison seconded and the motion carried with all in favor.



Judy Thomas opened three areas of the budget needing to be amended. The other of departments were okay with moving funds around within the department. Professional & Technical and Planning & Building went over their total budget but those areas are hard to project what will be needed for the year. Mayor Thomas explained why we have a public hearing and opened the meeting for questions and comments. There were none. Angie Harrison moved to approve the budget amendment, Claudia Baker seconded and the motion carried will all in favor.



Page 4 of this budget was missing and Mrs. Montague made copies for everyone. Judy Thomas had one request for a change from Police Department. They need more money for repairs and she said she could give them another $1500-2000. and Increase revenues by excess funds as he has left over budget from this year. Claudia Baker asked about burial revenue and expense. Mrs. Thomas said as we only had one burial last year she didn't put it on this year but will consider it next year with the improvements to the cemetery. Mrs. Baker suggested we check with Tooele and Grantsville for to see how they handle their cemeteries. Angie Harrison is concerned with type of grass were are putting at the cemetery, the water use and expense of maintaining the area. Ed Maculley said turtle grass take3 a third of the water. Mrs. Harrison thinks buffalo grass is the best It takes less water and only needs mowed about 2 times per month. She suggested doing a sprinkling system for grass and drip system for trees and plants.

A motion to accept the Resolution for the 2002 budget with the changes discussed was made by Angie Harrison, seconded by Claudia Baker and carried with all in favor.


Mayor Thomas asked for comments on this ordinance. Angie Harrison said she was in favor of paying the Mayor. June Lewis said every other community Mayor gets paid and so should ours. There is a lot of work involved in being Mayor. The Rush Valley Mayor gets $450 and is a smaller Town with less departments. Curt Morris pointed out that the Mayor should probably not vote on this and that would leave less than a quorum. The people present said let him vote. Angie Harrison moved to pay the Mayor $500 per month starting July 1, 2001, Claudia Baker seconded and the motion passed with all in favor.


Mayor Thomas said a couple of Master Gardeners requested doing a project at the Town Hall. They have to do a community project every year. This would be around the building and probably wouldn't use any more water than is used now. Judy Thomas brought up about the swings-they need to be brought up to code or removed. The merry-go-round is also not to code. Anna Prawl said she would like to see barrels of flowers on main street too and said she would water if we planted. Some Master Gardeners also want to help with the cemetery. James said he liked what the fire dept did with the red rocks on their park strip.

Barry Thomas thanked everyone for their suggestions. Claudia Baker wants to strongly suggest homeowners beautify also. Angie Harrison wants to make a sample of 0 scape with low use of wafer.


Mayor Thomas said we don't have a jail contract at this point but if they do we want to make sure that the language covers us with not having to pay medical costs for prisoners.

Curt Morris said he has a copy of our contract and it does say we pay for medical expenses. He will tell the County Attorney we don't want that language in the contract. The board has a copy of a letter from the Grantsville Mayor to the County Commissioners on this very thing. Attorney Morris said if you take away someone's freedom you have to take care of them. This can be done a case by case basis like Grantsville wants to do. We can make a decision to release the prisoner or pay the medical costs. Our court sees class C & class B misdemeanors.

Mayor Thomas read a letter addressed to Board from Mayor Odell Russell on his resignation as Mayor of Rush Valley.

The Board members got a copy of a lease agreement on cell Towers. The group wanting to do this will be meeting with the Planning Commission on June 19th.


The 2000 census report lists Stockton with a population of 443. This is probably low. The report breaks out the population by race and age and other areas. The Board Members all got a copy of the report to review.

A motion to adjourn was made by Claudia Baker, seconded by Angie Harrison and the meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

Ellen L. Montague, Town Clerk          

Barry J. Thomas, Mayor