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Baltic, South Dakota (population 811) City Council, July 8, 2003 (L to R): Larry Miller, Jason Pittmann, Mike Wendland (Mayor), Doug Burns, Willette Reichert
(#0356/17-18) 2003, Archival pigmented inkjet on paper, 12X28 inches



THE BALTIC CITY COUNCIL MET IN REGULAR SESSION ON 08 JULY 2003 MAYOR MIKE WENDLAND CALLED THE MEETING TO ORDER AT 7:02 PM. Present were Council members Larry Miller, Jason Pittmann, Willette Reichert and Doug Burns. Also present was Attorney John Hughes, Finance Officer Hendrickson and Maintenance Supervisor Murphy. The meeting was held at the Baltic City Hall.

Miller made a motion to approve the 10 June 2003 Regular Session minutes Reichert seconded All Ayes.

Old Business.

A discussion was held about the City receiving a check from Claims Associates for $ 18,127.81. This check was for 'full and final settlement of outstanding employee dishonesty loss', and closes the claim made by the City of Baltic to recover 1999 liquor funds that were not deposited.

Disbursements were reviewed. Reichert made a motion to approve the disbursements. Burns seconded. All Ayes.

Terry Cunningham of the Minnehaha County Sheriff Department gave the police report.

Murphy gave the maintenance update. He explained that a 2000-gallon holding tank has been placed in the RiverPark to supplement the existing holding tanks. He also explained the disbursement to A-Tech was for them filming and jetting the sewer lines on 2nd street from Elm to the lift station and also on Nidaros from 2nd street to lst street. He also explained that we have been planting some trees in the New Baltic Heights Park.

Hendrickson gave the City Hall update. She said we had received our 'rejection' notice for the Recreational Trail for the New Baltic Heights Park grant. She explained that she had been appointed to the SDML Tax and Revenue Committee again and that the meeting would be on August 14th and she requested permission to remain over night. Permission was granted.

During the city hall update she explained that the updated estimated cost of the 5th Street Project had been received. Mayor Wendland presented and read Resolution #03-04 (published separately). Burns made a motion to adopt Resolution # 03-04. Pittmann seconded. All Ayes.

During the city hall update Hendrickson explained that Mike Martin had requested a 'transporters license' and that this license request does not require a public hearing, only board approval since he operates under the cities license. Reichert made a motion to approve his request for a transporters license. Miller seconded. All Ayes.


New Business.

The council held a discussion and review of the current sales tax ordinance, Ordinance 159. It was noted that to remain revenue neutral, as state law requires, our tax rate should be set at 1.97 percent. After this discussion the council agreed to set the revised tax rate at 1.97 percent.

Ordinance 181, an ordinance imposing a municipal sales and service tax and a use tax for the municipality of Baltic, Minnehaha County, South Dakota, was given it's first reading.

Further discussion followed the reading. It was decided that the revenue would be split 50/50 between the general fund and the Capital Accumulation Fund and would be set by the Appropriations Ordinance annually.

Ordinance 182, an ordinance imposing a municipal gross receipts tax for the municipality of Baltic, Minnehaha County, South Dakota, was given it's first reading.

 A discussion on 'Conditional Use Permits' was held. Following the discussion Ordinance 183 was given it's first reading.

Safety issues caused by trees to near the streets were discussed. Reichert and Hendrickson are supposed to survey to city and report at the August meeting.

Burns made a motion to adjourn at 9:45 PM. Miller seconded. All Ayes.


Elaine C Hendrickson

Municipal Finance Officer