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Yamhill, Oregon (population 790) City Council, April 9, 2003 (L to R): Randy Murphy, Paula Terp, Jane Heinrich (Mayor), Kay Echauri, Jeff Breazile
(#0256/17-18) 2003, Archival pigmented inkjet on canvas with varnish, 33X66 inches



April 9, 2003






The work session meeting of the Yamhill City Council was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Mayor Heinrich.


Roll Call:


Present:                     Councilor Breazile, Councilor Echauri, Councilor Murphy, Councilor Terp and Mayor Heinrich.


Absent:                      None



Public Works Superintendent Position:


Mayor Heinrich started the work session stating that Council would be meeting Richard Howard this evening and that there are two different issues concerning the Public Works Superintendent position that he has indicated that he would like addressed by Council. The first issue is a salary increase after six months and the second issue is an additional week of vacation to be earned during the first year of employment. Mayor Heinrich stated that there would be no decisions made in the work session, she is just looking for ideas and general feelings regarding the issues that may be addressed by Richard Howard later this evening.


Mayor Heinrich also asked to discuss what the Council would look to do should Richard Howard decline the offer for the position of Public Works Superintendent. As there was really no clear second choice during the interview period, Mayor Heinrich believes that the City would need to start the process all over again.


There was general discussion that the City could place another ad in the Oregonian, cut the original ad down in length, state that certificates are required, and show the starting salary as $36,500 annual. The ad would be e-mailed to Council for approval and placed in a Sunday paper as soon as possible.


There was general discussion regarding the additional week of vacation for the first year. The Personnel Policy clearly states that one week of vacation is accrued during the first year of employment It was stated that for a managers position, two weeks vacation does not seem like an unreasonable request. Because of the personnel policy, should the Council decide to offer an extra week, it would be considered a 40 hour signing bonus and be given after the six month probationary period.


There was general discussion regarding an increase of salary after the six month probationary period. While the Council would not be against any type of increase, there is concern about how to measure and justify the amount of the increase. Typically increases are given up any where from 0 to 5%, based on an employees performance. There is still concern about the Commissioners being able to do an objective review instead of a subjective review. It is felt that any new Superintendent will need at least six months to orientate himself with the town and organize the office. It was general consensus that the Council would be open to negotiate a salary increase after six months, based on performance and expectations within the first six months.


There was discussion about Council's feeling about paying for any moving expenses. The general consensus of Council was that should moving expenses be asked for, the amount that could be offered would not exceed $500.00.


There was discussion about the Council's feeling regarding the Superintendent driving a City Vehicle to and from work. While the Council would not be totally against the idea, it would need to discussed after the position had been accepted and taken into consideration where the Superintendent would be living. Council would be open to negotiate this at a later date.


The Work Session ended at 6:58 p.m.






The regular meeting of the Yamhill City Council was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Mayor Heinrich.


Paul Shambroom introduced himself to the Council and stated that he is working on a long term project photographing government meetings throughout the US. He asked for Council permission to photograph the meeting this evening. It was general consensus of the Council to allow Mr. Shambroom to photograph the meeting for his project.


Roll Call:


Present:            Councilor Breazile, Councilor Echauri, Councilor Murphy, Councilor

                         Terp and Mayor Heinrich.
Absent:             None




Approval of March 26, 2003 Minutes:


Councilor Terp pointed out a spelling error on page 3 of 8 and Mayor Heinrich asked for a correction on page 6 of 8.




Roll Call: Ayes: Breazile, Heinrich, Murphy and Terp.

Nays: None


The motion carried.


AGENDA ITEM 7.0-City Engineer Update:


There was no update necessary.


AGENDA ITEM 8.0-Public Comment:


Dwaine Crawford addressed Council asking for any suggestions on where he might go for funding opportunities for a business venture that he is looking to start. He would like to open ' a restaurant/lounge in Yamhill. He is looking at a log cabin kit that would be 2800 square feet and would have an occupancy of about 86 people. He has looked at the City's Economic Development loan program, although it does not have enough money available for his needs.


There was general discussion regarding funding opportunities. Several suggestions were given by the Councilors; State of Oregon Small Businesses, State of Oregon Lottery and Spirit Mountain.


Dwaine Crawford asked Council how they would feel about his establishment applying for a hard liquor permit with the OLCC and if they would support it. Mayor Heinrich responded that Council could not give any type of answer this evening, as the process would need to start with the Planning Commission. General consensus of the Council this evening is that it promotes economic development and would like to see new commercial activity for the City, as long as it complies with all City requirements and codes.



Public Works Superintendent Position - Richard Howard:


Mayor Heinrich introduced Richard Howard to the Council. Richard Howard was offered the position of Public Works Superintendent and has come to Council this evening to meet with the entire Council and ask questions Of the Council.


Richard Howard thanked the Council for the opportunity to meet with them and answer questions that he has. He asked the Council what they were looking for from a Superintendent; are they looking for someone who can do the job and keep the City in compliance with all state and federal regulations and manage the employees in Public Works.


There was general discussion from Council that they basically want a working Superintendent that manages the day to day responsibilities of the department, keeps the City in compliance, works well with the public and all City employees. The Superintendent would make the day to day decisions and keep Council informed. The Council does not micro-manage any of the departments. Leadership is an important quality for the position. Council wants the City's operations to run smoothly and they rely on the Department heads for this.


Richard Howard then asked Council if he would be expected to treat anyone any differently, such as someone who might be on Council currently or any time in the past or someone who may have name recognition in the Community.


There was general discussion from the Council that everyone in the Community should be treated the same. Respect and rules are the same for all in the Community. Council would not ever expect to have to over rule any department heads decision, as long as it abides by the rules and regulation of the City.


Richard Howard thanked the Council for their answers and their openness. His wants to make sure that his certificates with the State and his reputation are protected and that Council would not ask him to place any of those on the line. He does not play favorites, rules are rules. While there may be room for interpretation, he will not knowingly break any rules for anyone.


Richard Howard asked what Council's feelings were regarding the salary increase and additional week of vacation. Mayor Heinrich asked Councilor Murphy to address these issues.


Councilor Murphy stated that Council would be open to a review process at the six month period regarding the salary increase, the general scale is anywhere from 0 to 5%. Regarding the second week of vacation, the Council is in agreement that this request is not unreasonable, they would not be able to offer it as vacation as it would be in direct conflict with the Personnel Policy. Council would offer a 40 hour bonus of paid time off, after the six month probationary period.


Richard Howard thanked Council for their time and consideration and openness with their answers and stated that he would accept the position. He would be available to start May 1, 2003. Council welcomed him aboard and thanked him for his openness and considerations.


There was discussion regarding Richard Howard's contract with State of Oregon Circuit Riders program. This contract lasts for another six months. Council has no objections to him continuing this contract, so long as it does not interfere with his job and does not occur while he is on the clock with the City.



OLCC Request - Miss Dollies Girls:


Sue Bennink introduced herself and her sister Kathy Crawford, owners and operators of Miss Dollies Girls. They are requesting an OLCC license to carry local wines for gift baskets and such for sale. There may also be several wine tasting events, possibly hosted by different local wineries.




Councilor Murphy inquired if the OLCC License would give unfettered access to alcohol. Kathy Crawford responded that this application presented to Council is just one step in acquiring an OLCC license and that there is other paperwork that specifically states the purpose. They will not be having sidewalk cafe tables serving alcohol. It is basically for the sale of local wines and possibly some wine tasting events.


Roll Call: Ayes: Breazile, Echauri, Heinrich, Murphy and Terp.

Nays: None


The motion carried.



Appointment of Budget Committee Member:



Roll Call: Ayes: Breazile, Echauri, Heinrich, Murphy and Terp.

Nays: None


The motion carried.


Councilor Breazile was excused from the meeting at 8:05 p.m.


AGENDA ITEM 10.A-Police Review:


Commissioner Echauri advised Council that she meet with the Chief yesterday and received the monthly calls log. The Chief's car is going in for some maintenance; front end alignment and linkage adjustment. The Police Department is running smoothly.


There was general discussion that with the start of Spring, there is going to be more pedestrian activity. The Police Department will be doing five pedestrian cross walk safety awareness operations between April and September, 2003. There is also a bill being voted on at the State, that if passed will require helmets for anyone under the age of 16 to be worn while skateboarding, rollerblading, or riding scooters.



Public Works Review:


A written report was presented by Acting Superintendent Daggett. He advised Council that Gene Belt has taken care of the road cut on W. Third and it has been repaired.


Acting Superintendent Daggett talked about the stream bank protection project and the joint application that has been submitted. The deadline is April 11, 2003 and it appears that ODFW has objected to the design that was submitted. Richard Howard suggested that the City contact DSL and request an extension on the application until all agencies involved can meet and come to a design agreement.


There was general discussion that this project has been going on for over a year now. The funds to pay for the project are grant funds and the City will need to get another extension. City Recorder Wodarczak will contact OECDD and request the extension and Acting Superintendent Daggett will contact DSL for an application extension. The permits that are issued by DSL only allow work during the months of July and middle of August. If the City doesn't get the permit this year, we would be looking at 2004 until the work can be done.


Acting Superintendent Daggett advised Council that the item in his written report regarding work at the baseball diamonds should read that all work and equipment will be provided by the volunteers.


AGENDA ITEM 10.C-Mayor/Administration Review:


City Recorder presented her written report.


Mayor Heinrich advised Council that she had received a request from Pleasantview Water District requesting that the City sign off as the Direct Responsible Charge (DRC) operator for distribution form. She sees in the written report from City Recorder that the City has also received the same request from West Yamhill Water District and at the recommendation by the City Attorney and City Engineer, the City not sign for any water district. City Recorder Wodarczak advised Council that she gave Jeff Swanson's card to West Yamhill Water District and they could possibly contract with his organization. She was advised by both the City Attorney and Engineer that the City is only responsible for treatment and distribution from the plant to the Water Districts master meter and that the districts take responsibility from there. The Districts own and maintain their lines and individual meters, therefore they are responsible for distribution from the master meter into their lines and meters. Other suggestions for the Districts would be to contract with someone who is certified with the State and not directly involved with the Yamhill's water plant, such as someone from McMinnville Water and Light or even the City of Carlton. All the water districts could contract with the same person. It was general consensus of the Council not to sign the DRC form for any of the Yamhill water districts.


Mayor Heinrich stated that she spoke with the School regarding the parking issue at S. Laurel and E. Main Street. The School District does not have any portable "no parking" signs. She asked if the City had some type of portable barricades that could be given to the School. The School cross guards could then place them out on' the strip of land that is in question during the time that kids are arriving and leaving school. The City will look into the cost of purchasing lightweight portable "no parking" barricades. This would address the safety issue of the property owners at 100 S. Laurel Street.



Monthly Building Report, Accounts Payables & Financial Report - March 2003:




Roll Call: Ayes: Breazile, Echauri, Heinrich, Murphy and Terp.

Nays: None


The motion carried.


AGENDA ITEM 12.0-Other Business:


There was no other business.



City Lobby Day at the Capitol:


City Lobby Day at the Capitol is April 29th, in Salem.



City County Dinner:


City of Willamina is hosting the City County Dinner on April 11, 2003.


AGENDA ITEM 14.0-Adjournment:


Motion by Councilor Echauri TO ADJOURN.


The Regular Council meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted:

Catherine Jane Heinrich

Mayor of Yamhill


Sandi Wodarczak

City Recorder/Treasurer