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Dassel, Minnesota (population 1134) City Council, March 15, 1999 (L to R): Nancy Nicholson, Ava Flachmeyer (Mayor), Jan Casey, Sherlyn Bjork (Deputy Clerk)
(#3183/14-15) 1999, Archival pigmented inkjet on canvas with varnish, 33X66 inches

Pursuant to due call and notice thereof the Dassel City Council convened in regular session at 7:00 p.m. March 15, 1999.

Present: Flachmeyer, Casey, Nicholson. Absent: Gillman and Palm.
Adm. present: Bjork
Also present for parts of the meeting were: Carolyn Holje, Mary Jane Arens, Amy Wilde, Bill Ward, Vicky Dunn, Penny Hicks, Bar Weege, Chuck Eberhard, David Scepaniak, Steve Mattson, Mark Forsman, Brian Jensen and Tim Bergstrom. 

The Public Hearing for the Outdoor Recreation Grant was called at 7:00 p.m. by Mayor Flachmeyer. All affidavits of publication were noted and put on file. Utility Superintendent David Scepaniak presented an outline and cost breakdown of the grant for Sellards Addition that would include picnic shelter, swings, volleyball court, playground structure, barbecue pits, benches, picnic tables, seasonal toilet facility and off street parking totaling $39,000.00. Volunteer groups have been contacted with donations of $4000.00 from the Red Rooster Committee and $5000.00 from the Cokato Lions if the grant is accepted. This is a 50/50 grant leaving the City with an obligation of $10,522.81, which there is in reserves, so there will be no need for special assessments. Scepaniak stated that he thought the maintenance would be around $900.00 a year. Questions were asked and answered.


There being no further questions, the hearing was closed at 7:10p.m.


Motion by Nicholson to approve the minutes of March 1, 1999 meeting as distributed. Motion seconded by Casey, passed unanimously.


Nursing Home Adm. Bill Ward came before the council with the monthly report on the Home and Apts. Some items that were discussed were the remodeling of the kitchen and the potential of adjacent property for future expansion. The 1993 Nursing Home Bond is being refinanced and $175,000.00 extra will be included in the new bond to cover the cost of the kitchen remodeling.


Motion by Casey to approve the minutes of the March 11, 1999 meeting, financial statement for January for the N.H. and payments: N.H. #5001-5007 (manual) in the amount of $147,526.15 and Ck. #17479-17565 (computer) in the amount of $72,042.93 and Ck. #3699-3714 in the amount of $22,563.82 for Apts. for February; N.H. Ck. #5008-5016 (manual) in the amount of $119,055.11 and Ck. #17566-17665 (computer) in the amount of $67,639.09 and Ck. #3715-3734 in the amount of $24,356.35 for Apts. for March. Motion seconded by Nicholson, passed unanimously.


Steve Mattson of Juran and Moody came before the Council with the refinancing of the 1993 Nursing Home Bond. Since the last council meeting the rate on bonds had fallen about one fifth of a per cent for a rate of 4.89% at the present time. The current bond rate is at 6.27% so there would be a savings of approximately $38,000.00 in interest. It was also decided to add $175,000.00 to the bond of $750,000.00 for the remodeling of the kitchen at the Nursing Home giving a balance of $950,000.00 for refinancing. The Council decided to go with the refinancing at this time being the rates were changing so fast.


Casey introduced Resolution 99-16 Resolution Providing For The Issuance And Sale of $950,000.00 Gross Revenue Nursing Home and Crossover Refunding Bonds of 1999 and moved for its adoption. Motion seconded by Nicholson, passed unanimously.


Carolyn Holje and Mary Jane Arens from the Dassel Area Historical Society came before the Council to give an up date on the history and financial status of the Society for the new members of the Council and answer any questions that they might have.


Vicky Dunn, owner of Vicky D's came before the Council regarding pull tabs at her business. The Winsted Fire Department wants to put pull tabs in and she was wondering what the rules are for this. After some discussion, it was tabled until the next meeting so that more information can be brought to the Council regarding reimbursement, licensing etc.


Penny Hicks, Central Region District Director of Minnesota Jaycees came before the Council to thank them for their support in starting the Jaycees in Dassel. Thirty people have signed up for it with their first meeting being 7:30 p.m., March 18, 1999 at Hojies.


Department Reports were next: Police: The defibrillator has come in. Utility: Scepaniak requested that bids be put out for seal coating and upgrading of Atlantic to Marcia, portions of first street, second street, third street. Also to fix the alleys in the downtown area if it is feasible.


Motion by Flachmeyer to request Engineer Eberhard to do plans and specs for bids on street improvements. Motion seconded by Casey, passed unaminously.

Clerk's reports: Nothing at this time. Fire Department: Nothing at this time.


City Engineer Eberhard presented plans and specifications for the 200,00 gallon watertower, 700 GPM water treatment plant and watermain improvement on Pleasant Street, Maple Street, Willis Street, Second Street and Fifth Street. After going over the plans and specifications, Flachmeyer introduced Resolution 99-15, Resolution Approving Plans and Specifications and Ordering Advertisement for Bids and moved for its adoption.


Motion seconded by Casey, passed unanimously.


Committee Reports: Cable T.V.-nothing at this time. Community Education: Meeting was cancelled, next meeting set for April 7, 1999. Economic Development: Nothing at this time. Police Commission: Casey discussed several programs of interest that were brought up at the meeting to the Council. Utility/Park Commission: No meeting. Planning Commission: Met on March 15, 1999 and approved a permit for Justin and Jamie Eggert.


Council Items: Nicholson introduced Resolution 99-17, Resolution Supporting Repeal of the State Sales Tax for Local Government Purchases and moved for its adoption. Motion seconded by Casey, passed unanimously. Letter from Jeffrey Baumgartner of American Time and Signal was discussed. Reviewed a letter from Meeker County Coordinator's Office requesting $4,376.92 for the City's share of the Phase I study of Long and Spring Lakes. Motion by Casey to approved the payment of $4,376.92 for the Phase I study of Long and Spring Lakes to the Meeker County. Motion seconded by Nicholson, passed unanimously. All other correspondence was acknowledged.


Mayor Flachmeyer stated that there was not a meeting held 72 hours as stated in the March 1, 1999 meeting.

Being no further business, the meeting was declared adjourned. Adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

Sherilyn Bjork

Deputy Clerk-Treasurer