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Buckland, Massachusetts (population 1,943) Board of Selectmen, July 27, 1999 (L to R): Kevin P. Fox, John F. Brosnan (Chair)
(#8656/5-6) 1999, Archival pigmented inkjet on canvas with varnish, 33X66 inches


Meeting Minutes

July 27, 1999

John Brosnan [Signed]

Jamie Budrewicz Not In Attendance


Kevin P. Fox [Signed]                                                             

Attendees: John Brosnan, Kevin Fox, Bob Dean, Polly Bartlett, Sam Bartlett, Dave Bartlett, P.E., Tony Jewell,

John opens meeting at 7:05 PM

Paul Shambroom - photographer (doing government meeting study across the country, federal state and local meetings), came to photograph Selectmen's meeting.


Jim Fitzpatrick - Highway Foreman:

Charlemont Road work; cold patching today, sweeper on order - roads will be swept ASAP, black top on Charlemont Road, patching with hard top, chapter 90 - we have dollar figures for priority projects. Rand Road, gravel on some roads, East Buckland Rd. Need the flats figure for top coat cost. Rubbish Truck - new battery, fixed throttle today. We have until August 31st at Bernardston landfill. Bob spoke to Earth Tech about Transfer Station we need to get moving on that ASAP. No parking signs on Summer & South Streets. Post hearing for next meeting August 10th - notify abutter' and get it in the paper. Stop signs at Bray and Walker. Chief Hicks says we should have them. Put stop line on road. Need stop line on Franklin Street & Ashfield Street. Should we have a Stop sign on Ashfield Street (bottom) - Chief Hicks says no.

Shelburne Selectmen - Davenport property report from Terry Dun and Joe Judd. Davenport family recently approached Shelburne about purchasing the property at end of Deerfield Ave. 35 years ago - used to be tennis courts on this property, just under 8 acres - $7,600 to $8,000 appraised value negotiated a $6,000 price for purchase.

Had Downtown partnership grant dollars committed, but lost them. Shelburne Selectmen will now go to voters at their Annual Town Meeting.

River Protection Act will dictate the use of this property, probably will never be able to put a skateboard park there.

Need agreements from abutter's for anything.

River Protection Act will dictate the use of this property, probably will never be able to put a skateboard park there.

Need agreements from abutter's for anything.

Extension of Mahican - Mohawk Trail is probably the only thing that can happen with it.

Town of Buckland's help is needed? Shelburne Selectmen would like to see both Towns work together to ensure this property is protected. Lillian Davenport would like to see this property protected.

John Brosnan said we would consider their input when they decide what they would like Buckland to do.

Tony Jewell - Trolley Museum Pole Hearing - Attendees: Tony Jewell, Polly Bartlett, Sam Bartlett, Dave Bartlett, P.E.

                WMECO will install poles to provide electric power for operation of trolley car.

                Does Rail Road have right of way to use tracks? Yes, access track for switchback to
freight house.

                Right of way issue looked into in the 1980's when parking lot was installed next to
Salmon Falls Marketplace.

                Trolley will be using same tracks.

                They have a commercial liability policy

                Town need to be indemnified

                DC power 600 volts - rectifier to convert from AC-will it affect outside electricity
system? No. They will have an isolation transformer and a step-down transformer.

Kevin Fox moved to give Trolley Museum permission to erect poles on Town property at the

Buckland Rail Yard. John Brosnan seconded VOTED unanimously in favor.

Create document with Tony for review and signature. Ask Town Council to review draft.


FRCOG - Health Agreement contract - Allows Board of Health to utilize FRCOG health agent. Board of Health signed it already. John Brosnan moved to sign the contract with FRCOG for Health Agent. Kevin Fox seconded. VOTED unanimously in favor.

FRCOG Accounting Contract - John Brosnan moved that we sign the Council of Government contract for accounting services. Kevin Fox seconded. VOTED unanimously in favor


School Committee Resignation - Phoebe Walker - To replace her, School Committee members submit name to Board of Selectmen and they appoint. John Brosnan moved to accept resignation. Kevin Fox seconded. VOTED unanimously in favor.

Parade Permit - Kevin Fox moved to approve the parade permit for Bridge of Flowers Road Race on August 14, 1999. John Brosnan seconded VOTED unanimously in favor.

Electronic Collection at Transfer Station - Franklin County Solid Waste Management District - grant to collect electronics.

                Maybe a one day collection before pick-up day

                Call Jan Ameen and find out when they will pick up. Set it up (on same day as hazardous
waste day? October? Only for residents of Buckland

Health Insurance - Kaiser Permanente - Report on Kaiser Permanente leaving New England. This effects employees of the Town. Who does school have? HMO Blue? Check with David Fraser and see what they have at Mohawk.

Massachusetts Recycles Day - Does Town want to do a special event? John suggested the Town buy a few recycling bins and give folks a chance to win them if they come to the transfer station for recycling on that day. Bob will look into this.


Chapter 90 funding - Transportation Bond Bill - Part of the bill was reported out of Committee on Beacon Hill however, no work yet on Chapter 90 portion of the bill. Representative Kelly and Senator Rosenburg have received calls to support full funding.

DARP status approved - good for the Town. DEP will not inspect our loads of trash because the Town now has an approved recycling program.

Solid Waste Disposal after Bernardston closure - Bernardston landfill open another month. Will wait to apply for truck permit to Northampton landfill.

$90,000 Grant approved - should receive it in a week or two. This is state grant money to help defray the cost of closing capping the landfill. Town has filed all necessary paperwork to receive the grant.

Discussion on final costs of landfill closure and growing grass - Tony @ Earth Tech visited site on Monday 7/27/99. Have not heard from him about what he found. Concerns of the Selectmen about dead grass have been heard by Earth Tech.


Board of Selectmen                                                                           Buckland Town Hall

Tuesday, August 10, 1999 @ 7:30 PM

Tuesday, September 24, 1999 @ 7:30 PM
Finance Committee                                                                         
Buckland Town Hall

Monday, August 9, 1999 @ 7:00 PM


Conservation Commission                                                               Buckland Town Hall

Thursday, August 5, 1999 @ 7:00 PM
Planning Board                                                                                
Buckland Town Hall

Wednesday, August 11, 1999 @ 7:00 PM

Assessors                                                                                            Buckland Town Hall

Thursday, August 5, 1999 @ 7:00 PM                                                                                                            Assessor's Room



Buckland Recreation Committee                                                    Buckland Town Hall

Monday, August 2, 1999 @ 7:15 pm

Buckland Library Trustees

Tuesday, August 3, 1999 @ 7:00 PM                                    Buckland Public Library

AT&T/Media One Change of Control Hearing

Tuesday, August 3, 1999 @ 7:00 PM                                     GCC Sloan Theater

John will attend this hearing and ask about plans to upgrade system in Buckland.

Kevin Fox moved to adjourn, John Brosnan seconded, VOTED unanimously in favor. Meeting adjourned at 8:45 PM.