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Bernice, Louisiana (population 1,809) Town Council, May 14, 2002 (L to R): Mildred Ferguson, Gene Terral, Minor Patton (Mayor), Joe Cusimano (Attorney), Lana Patton (Clerk), Elvin Dismuke, Rhodell Montgomery
(#1409/15-16) 2002, Archival pigmented inkjet on paper, 12X28 inches

Town of Bernice

Regular Meeting

May 14, 2002

Mayor Minor Patton and the Town Council met in regular session, Tuesday, May 14, 2002, in the Council Room of the Town Hall with the following present: Mayor Minor Patton, Gene Terral, Rhodell Montgomery, Elvin Dismuke, and Mildred Ferguson. Amy Pesnell was absent due to illness.

Also present: Town Attorney, Joe Cusimano; Lana Patton, Clerk; Clarence Davis, Chief of Police; Asst. Fire Chief, Ric Abbott; Don Williams and Robert Lane with AXA Advisors; Paul Shambroom; and various citizens.

The meeting was called to order and opened with prayer by Rhodell Montgomery. The roll was called and the previous minutes was read and approved.

Mayor Patton invited citizens to voice their opinions and ask questions.

Don Williams and Robert Lane, with AXA Advisors, gave information to the council regarding a retirement plan for the employees of the town. Mayor Patton stated that this will be discussed at a special meeting on May 21, 2002, at 5:00 p.m. at the town hall.

Rhodell Montgomery made a motion to keep the property millage at 5.28 mills for the 2002 tax roll with Mildred Ferguson seconding the motion. Vote to accept was unanimous with Pesnell being absent.

Gene Terral made a motion to table the subject of electrical permits with Elvin Dismuke seconding the motion. Vote was unanimous.

Mayor Patton introduced Paul Shambroom of St. Paul Minnesota. Mr. Shambroom requested taking photos of the Bernice Town Council Meeting for an exhibit on government meetings throughout the United States, including small governments.

Elvin Dismuke introduced Ordinance No. 339 amending Ordinance 327 of 1996 to reestablish voting districting for the council members to be voted on at the next regular meeting.

Mayor Patton reported on the progress of the cleanup campaign to the council.

Asst. Fire Chief, Ric Abbott, reported to the council on the activities of the Fire Department.

Gene Terral made a motion to approve payment of April bills with Mildred Ferguson seconding the motion. Vote was unanimous.

Gene Terral made a motion to adjourn with Elvin Dismuke seconding the motion. Vote was unanimous.

Attest: Lana Patton, Clerk                                  

Approve: Minor Patton, Mayor