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Dawson, Iowa (population 174) City Council, June 1, 1999 (L to R): Burl Corrigan, Patty Krueger (Clerk), Judy Eastman, Theresa Krueger (Mayor pro tem)
(#3526/3-4) 1999, Archival pigmented inkjet on paper, 12X28 inches

June 1, 1999


The regular meeting of the Dawson City Council was held Clarence Mormon, Larry Nelson and Jerry Calvert absent.


Meeting called to order by Theresa Krueger, Mayor Pro-Tem at 7:45 p.m.


Motion by Judy Eastman seconded by Burl Corrigan with Krueger in favor to accept the minutes of the last meeting as read.

Motion by Corrigan seconded by Krueger with Eastman in favor to pay the following bills; Alliant 448.57; U.S. West 70.90; Rhonda Guy 174.00; Marshalltown Water Works 9.00; Marvin Staker 104.00 plus 10.39 (supplies); Schore 180.00; Parkers Flowers 25.00; Joy Poffenburger & Poffenburger 40.00; F.S. Energy Inc. (gas) 4.12; Perry Library 60.00; Perry State Bank 11,519.35 and 3,583.98; Dawson Postmaster (2 box rents) 28.00 plus 33.00 stamps; Bill Kempf 15.00; Patricia Krueger 200.00.


Jerry Lee wants to know about the standing water on West Railroad. Burl Corrigan is looking into this.


Elston Kilmer may be putting a mobile home next to the post office on his lot.


Marvin Straker was givin the OK to fix the broken tile (where the truck laid on it's side) on the curve on East Forest Ave.


Bill Kempf recieved the fire rating from Insurance Services Office Inc. and we stay the same as last time.


Xenia has sent a list of the flush out for the Fire Department use, Also, no one attending summer fire school.


Dale Grow present to talk to Brian Gilbert, deputy sheriff, about the extra he wants. Brian was a no-show on his word he would give a report tonight.


Motion by Eastman Seconded by Corrigan with Krueger in favor to sign the Genesis Recycling Processing and Marketing Agreement.


Paul Shambroom, photograher from Minneapolis, took pictures as he is doing a project on small town council meetings.


Motion by Corrigan, seconded by Eastman, with Krueger in favor to adjorn.



Patricia Krueger


Clarence Norman