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Markle, Indiana (population 1,228) Town Council, July 21, 1999 (L to R): Wayne Ridgley, Jay Fox (President), Jeff Stockman
(#8598/1-2) 1999, Archival pigmented inkjet on canvas with varnish, 33X66 inches


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Town Council Meeting July 21, 1999

The Town Council of the Town of Markle met in the usual meeting place of the Council in the meeting room of the Markle Municipal Building at 7:00 p.m. on the 21st day of July in regular session in accordance with the rules of the Council and applicable laws.

Town Council members present: Jay Fox, L. Wayne Ridgley and. Jeff Stockman. Clerk-treasurer Joyce Greene, Town Manager Curt Cooley, and eleven additional people were in attendance.

President Fox called the meeting to order.

Minutes of the Regular Council Meeting of June 16th were approved as submitted.

Clerk read Resolution 1999-1 establishing charges related to services requested. Copies $.25 page - Incoming FAX $1.00 for 1-3 pages .25 each additional page - Outgoing FAX $2.00 for 1-2 pages (8 1/2 x. 11) .50 each additional page $2.75 for 1-2 pages (additional sizes) .75 for each addition page - Notary $2.00 per document. Wayne Ridgley moved and Jay Fox seconded the motion to adopt Resolution 1999-1, motion carried unanimously. (On file in Clerk's Office)

Clerk read Ordinance 1999-3 Salaries for 2000. Jeff Stockman moved and Wayne Ridgley seconded the motion, it carried unanimously. (On file in Clerk's Office) Wayne Ridgley would like to address the reasons for sick and personal leave in the salary ordinance at a later date.

Wayne Ridgley moved and. Jeff Stockman seconded the motion to hold off another month on paying the 10% of CEDIT money $1,068.35 back to County until we see what the County does about their payback, motion carried unanimously.

Wayne Ridgley reported that the Wells County Area Plan Commission will be adding retail next month to 1-1 (Industrial) so Troy Hott should not have to re-zone his area to a B-2 or B-3.

Clerk reported that she would advertise CEDIT and CCI for the 2000 Budget with the high numbers in case these monies are not spent in 1999 and then by Resolution can be transferred to the year 2000 at September meeting.

Next on the agenda was discussion of Maddix Street infiltration. Curt Cooley, Town Manager had three quotes on replacement of sewer line on Maddix Street. ( Bercot $28,609. J&L Construction $15,125 and TopDirt $18,259.11 no material) Rick Asher said the sewer line definitely needs replaced and also the lateral at Bill Sparks property. Wayne Ridgley moved and Jeff Stockman seconded the motion to have J&L Construction do the sewer line replacement on Maddix, motion carried unanimously. Asher & Jeffers to replace lateral on Sparks property unless it would hold the job up, then J&L would do the lateral. Asher & Jeffers to move the water hydrant.

Town Manager Curt Cooley gave Council two quotes on re-wiring of the Town Building. (Young Electrical $6,975. And Kline & Thomas $2,950.) Jay Fox moved to accept Kline and Thomas for the re-wiring with Jeff Stockman seconding the motion, it carried unanimously.

Curt Cooley turned in his monthly Manager's report. Curt reported that he had two quotes on paving at the WWTP. (Topp $5112. and Bunn $8085.) President Fox stated that these quotes were too high and that Curt needs to get enough streets that need paving along with the WWTP to make a days work and check on pricing from E&B Paving. Curt reported that Lift Stations #1 and #2 were being checked for infiltration. Asher to block offline when park is closed between 7 a.m. and 11 a.m. to check on infiltration at Lift Station #1. Council would like this information next week and then decide if there is a solution to correct. Wayne Ridgley stated that we still need to find the excess flow at the WWTP. Curt reported that he didn't have numbers on the Skyline project yet. President Fox asked Curt to check with the Town of Ossian as they did a project similar. Curt reported that Dan Sparks would be hooked up to the Town's sewer system this week-end.

Wayne Ridgley reported that Area Plan Commissioner Brad Buening is checking on the permits for Arney property on County Line Rd and AJ Steel on Scott St. extended and also the two above ground pools were notified that they needed permits.

Jeff Stockman reported that we don't have the survey from Stoody yet on the Leffert property.

President Fox reported that the Town received the Planning Grant from DOC in the amount of $55,200. ($48,000 Grant $7,200 Local) to be used for a planning study for the Town's water utility. Curt Cooley to notify Ortman drilling and have them attend next meeting. Rick Asher asked the newspaper in attendance to please print in their papers that the Town of Markle needs twelve to twenty people to serve on a committee to study well-head protection for the Town. This committee will set up rules to protect the Town's well fields and make critical decisions.

Wayne Ridgley stated that we still need to address the lateral problem. Need to work on second phase with Schnelker to get thing moving. Fox stated that the Town has applied for IDEM's State Revolving Loan for ¾ to 1 million at 3% interest. Jay Fox recommended having Town Attorney Ted Bendall come to next meeting to address how much teeth we have on enforcing lateral replacement on personal property.


Council heard concerns from Joie Souder that pressure be put on Police Department to slow semi-tractor trailer traffic coming through town as they hardly slow down for school buses. Deputy Marshal Markley reported that the speed limit through there is 35 mph. Council asked Markley to look into this matter and also to check with the State on lowering the speed limit and also posting of "watch for school bus" signs. Deputy Markley discussed with Council about establishing a town ordinance forbidding semi drivers from "jake braking" through town. Jake braking is when drivers use the engine to slow the semi down and it causes the semi to growl loudly. No decision made.

Rhonda Hamilton from the Markle Library reported that the library would be receiving a free 56K line for internet connection from the State Library and that it would be for the library only.

Rick Asher asked if a decision had been made on the sidewalks along US224. President Fox stated that when he got back from vacation he would check with the State and if they don't have done, he will go to Ft. Wayne INDOT and find out.

Jeff Stockman asked about the junk car sitting at the Fire Station used for training and when it would be removed. Rick Asher said that he would take care of this.

Marshal Stech had turned in June report and August schedule, as he was not present.

Council was photographed by a photographer from Minneapolis, MN. Paul Shambroom is traveling around the United States photographing small town meetings and he picked Markle for a stop Wednesday on his way to Ohio. Schambroom said that the photographs will likely be used in either a museum display or a book.

There being no further business to come before Council, the Clerk presented the vouchers for the Council's consideration, approval and signatures. General Fund checks written were fifty-four and totaled $41,410.40; Water Fund checks written were thirty six and totaled $32,806.50; and the Wastewater Fund checks written were twenty eight and totaled $35,011.80 making a total of $109,228.70 spent in July. Upon completion of the approval of these claims upon motion duly made, seconded and unanimously carried and signing of the claim dockets by Council the meeting adjourned.


Clerk-Treasurer, Joyce Greene



Jay Fox, President

L. Wayne Ridgley, Member

Jeff Stockman, Member