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Fairplay, Colorado (population 576) Board of Trustees, June 4, 2001 (L to R): Tim Gibson, Marie Chisholm, Nancy Reed (Mayor), Rachael Edwards, Tammy Quinn
(#9676/5-7) 2001, Archival pigmented inkjet on canvas with varnish, 24X66 inches


Mayor Nancy Reed called the meeting to order at 6:35 P.M. Town Board members present Tim Gibson, Marie Chisholm, Rachael Edwards, Tammi Quinn and Nancy Reed.   Approval of the Agenda: The Board discussed possible candidates to fill an opening as a
Board of Trustees member. Item 7d was added: Resolution #15, Series 2001 to call a Special
Election.Marie Chisholm moved to accept the amended agenda. Seconded by Rachael Edwards.
Motion carried 5-0.   Bills to be Paid: Check #1502 was corrected to read $74.14 for a total bills paid of
$18,764.47. Marie Chisholm moved to pay the combined Water and General Fund bills in the amount
of $18,764.47, enter them into the minutes and make them a permanent part of the record. Seconded
by Rachael Edwards. Roll call vote: Tammi Quinn-aye, Rachael Edwards-aye, Marie Chisholm-aye,
Tim Gibson-aye, Nancy Reed-aye. Motion carried 5-0. Approval of the Minutes Marie Chisholm moved that we approve the minutes of April 16, 2001. Seconded by Rachael Edwards. Motion carried 5-0.

Citizen Comments: None.

Upgrade of Caselle Software program to Windows. Diane advised the Board that the funds appropriated for the upgrade were put in the Water Enterprise Capital Outlay for $6075 and General Fund Capital Outlay for $1000. Discussion was held on possible costs for airfare, car rental, hotel and food costs involved. Diane will do some research on the costs involved and bring back to the Board.  Marie Chisholm moved to upgrade the Caselle Software program to Windows for a total cost
of $7075 and the additional training for $600. Discussion held. Marie amended her motion to state a
otal cost of $7075. Seconded by Rachael Edwards. Roll call vote: Tim Gibson-aye, Marie
Chisholm-aye, Rachael Edwards-aye, Tammi Quinn-aye, Nancy Reed-aye. Motion carried 5-0.

Approval of Adoption Agreement for a FPPA Model 457 Deferred Compensation Plan for the Fairplav Police Department/ Resolution #14. Series 2001, a resolution of the Town of Fairplav adopting a 457 Deferred Compensation Plan with the Fire Police and Pension Association.. Discussion held on the "optional" deferred compensation plan available to the Police Department.  Marie Chisholm moved to adopt Resolution #14, Series 2001. Seconded by Rachael
Edwards. Motion 5-0.

Resolution #15. Series 2001. a Resolution of the Town of Fairplav calling a Special Election to fill one
vacancy on the Board of Trustees.
Discussion held on possible date for election, Tuesday, August 7,
time-frame of residents being able to come forward before election to serve on the Board.             Marie Chisholm moved to adopt Resolution #15, Series 2001. Seconded by Rachael
Edwards. Motion carried 5-0.

Employee Reports and Reguests:

POLICE: Dave reported that they had stabbings, fights, a fire and a fraud the last two weeks. The Police Department wrote 11 tickets and did 6 VIN inspections. Dave received a bid on the police vehicle windshields for $217 ($216.74) from SafeLite Auto with the non-polarized glass. Still working on the COPS Grant and gathering more info. Dave will be doing a 30 day review with James next week.



George Hartt. Steve had to attend another meeting in Salida tonight. George submitted his street maintenance and repair plan for the summer 2001. George is a little concerned with the money available in his budget and repairing Castello at Hwy. 285. Discussion followed on the condition of the streets including removing chip-n-seal on Hathaway. Getting some bids on these streets. They will be tearing up more chip-n-seal this next week and will be taking the plow from the dump truck to Denver to have it worked on. They are scheduling mag chloride for the second and third week of June. George addressed a concern of security at the water tank and possibly getting a chain link fence at some point in time. The hydrant has been repaired at Cohen Park, we will need some new signs at the Beach as the old ones "are no more". Mark Lamb indicated that he would like to help with the "Fishing is Fun" Grant for next year. Discussion was held on panning that has taken place at the Fairplay Beach and the huge holes that are being dug. New panning permits will need to be put together with rules and regulations designated on the permits. George and Steve have plans to spray the hut and get the swings and volleyball net done before the Fair Folk Festival.

George issued a C.O. on Crawford Lane - had to go back 3 times for little things. Issued a fence permit, re-roof permit and a building permit for an addition. George met with Court Services personnel to discuss the fire at the Court House and getting a trailer set up for the Clerk's office. They will be pulling in a 12 x 60 trailer with three offices and a restroom to be placed in front of the Court House. The Development Agreement is in the final stages for Buttermilk. Dan Broyles with Xcel Energy is looking for two used poles. George purchased a new flag for the cemetery for $9.99.

Chaz Delia Porta stated that when individuals inquire or complain about the condition of the streets in town he recommends that they attend a Board meeting and find out first hand what is being planned and the process involved in getting things repaired.

Clerks: Diane gave a brief review of the CIRSA audit that was given to the Board, Chuck Pisano is in the process of moving and will be working on finalizing some research on the Peddler's and Solicitors permits for the next meeting. The engineering ad was put in the Daily Journal for $105 to be run today, Tuesday and Wednesday. Diane also submitted a Compensatory Time report for the board to review. Nancy inquired if "overtime" can be wiped clean and asked Diane to gather more info and see about adding an amendment to the employee handbook and to add to a future agenda.

Trustees: Marie Chisholm stated that after Town Clean Up Day there is still a lot of trash in Town. Discussion was held on the costs involved in the clean up process and the funds that were taken in. Marie brought up a possible meeting that still needs to take place with the B.O.C.C. and the Town of Fairplay and the Town of Alma. Diane will contact Sandy and see about setting a date and time with the Commissioners.

Rachael had her plans for the Fairplay Beach and asked that a copy be sent to Duane Larson asking for his comments. Nancy Reed moved to adjourn the meeting. Meeting was adjourned at 8:32 P.M.

Approved: Nancy Reed-Mayor

ATTEST: Diane Spomer-Town Clerk